The Hungarian Association of Relaxation and Symboltherapy

About Us

The Hungarian Association of Relaxation and Symboltherapy (Magyar Relaxációs és Szimbólumterápiás Egyesület – MRSzE) is an accredited postgraduate training centre of psychotherapy, providing accredited method-specific training programs.
Relaxation and symboltherapies have a building nature, which is provided by the mehodological structuredness, the well-defined experience-processing work and the definition of the expected results as recuperation, becoming healthy, self-growth and aiming for the harmony of body-mind-soul.


The association was founded in 1980, and became an independent Association in 1990. In its conception it follows mainly the principles of Jungian psychology. Relaxation helps to open or to develop the way to the harmony of body, mind and soul with the reconstruction of the organism’s self-regulation system. Symboltherapy is working with the emerging and the evoked pictures, images, symbols, body sensations, feelings, the way the person experiences them and discovers their consequences in his life, how he associates to them and these phenomenon’s transformation. We start our accredited programs every semester. Our Association has 7 departments in Hungary. There are 380 active members of the Association. The Hungarian Association of Relaxation and Symboltherapy has developed and accredited training programs for other professionals (i.e.: social workers, pedagogists, physiotherapists etc.) to study the use of relaxation techniques under the conditions of their profession (not for psychotherapy). Since these training programs are not part of the psychotherapy training, they will not be discussed in detail. The psychotherapy training given by the Association has been recognized by the Hungarian Council of Psychotherapists (HCP) and by the Psychotherapy Coordinating Trust made up of 4 university departments and the representative of HCP, and it has formed part of the Hungarian psychotherapy training system since its beginning. The Association is a founding member of the Forum of the Relaxation and Symboltherapy Associations of the Carpathian-basin (Kárpát-medencei Országok Relaxációs és Szimbólumterápiás Egyesületeinek Fóruma – KORSzEF) in cooperation with Asociatia de Psihoterapie prin Relaxare şi Simboluri— APRS and Inštitut Relaxačnej e Symbolickej Psychoterapie — IRSP). We are also in cooperation with Société Française de Relaxation Psychothérapeutique (SFRP), the Italian Committee for the Study of Autogenic Training (ICSAT) and the International Society of Autogenic Training And Psychotherapy (ISATAP).


Professional training programs of the Hungarian Association of Relaxation and Symboltherapy

Structure of the method specific training: three-phase and two-step structure:

  • Two steps: relaxation (autogenic training) and symboltherapy (meditative-imaginative psychotherapy)
  • Three phases: self experience (self practice), theory (seminars) and supervised practice (supervised work with clients)
  • Nature of the psychotherapeutic work and the training: done in groups and individually
  • Nature of the process of the method: thematic structuredness
  • Conceptual aspects of the psychotherapeutic work: „symbols from body to soul”, working with the emerging and evoked imagery, bodily sensations, symbols and with the subjective experience, associative processing, real-life analogies and transformations of these
  • The theoretical-conceptual bases of the psychotherapeutic work: Jungian analytical psychology, experience-therapy and personality theory of János Csirszka, logotherapy approach of Victor E. Frankl, psychodynamic principles of comprehension, empathy principles of Rogers, integrated achievements of other psychotherapeutic approaches

Psychotherapy method-specific training program:

  • Relaxation (Autogenic Training) basis: 30 lessons of self-experience (self-practice), 30 lessons of theory (seminar), 40 lessons of supervised practice
  • Symboltherapy (meditative-imaginative psychotherapy): 150 lessons of self-experience in group, 70 lessons of individual self-practice, 70 lessons of theory, 70 lessons of supervised practice, Prerequisite: accomplished 100 lessons of Relaxation (Autogenic Training) basis

Relaxation and symboltherapy supervision: 30 lessons, Prerequisite: accomplished Relaxation or accomplished Symboltherapy training

Additional specialisations:

  • Relaxation for Expecting mothers and for Adolescents and Children: 45 lessons, Prerequisite: complete 100 lessons of Relaxation (Autogenic Training) basis
  • EEG Biofeedback: 45 lessons, Prerequisite: Relaxation (Autogenic Training) Self-experience phase
  • Student Relaxation: 30 lessons, Prerequisite: Relaxation (Autogenic Training) Self-experience phase

Accredited training programs for pedagogists:

  • Autogenic training: 30 lessons of self-experience
  • Case discussion: 30 lessons
  • Supervision: 30 lessons

Further training programs:

  • Autogenic training („therapeutic”) for self-practice
  • Prolific Meditation Workshop for unfolding specific areas of life
  • Handicraft accredited training program for pedagogists
  • Summer university programs on relaxation and symboltherapy (self-experience)