Professional training programs of the Hungarian Association of Relaxation and Symboltherapy

General structure of the method-specific training:

Two steps: Relaxation (Autogenic Training) and Symboltherapy (Meditative-imaginative Psychotherapy).

Three phases: self experience (self practice), theory (seminars) and supervised practice (supervised work with clients).

Nature of the psychotherapeutic work and the training: done in groups and individually.

Nature of the process of the method: thematic structuredness.

Conceptual aspects of the psychotherapeutic work: „symbols from body to soul”, working with the emerging and evoked imagery, bodily sensations, symbols and with the subjective experience, associative processing, real-life analogies and transformations of these.

The theoretical-conceptual bases of the psychotherapeutic work: Jungian analytical psychology, experience-therapy and personality theory of János Csirszka, logotherapy approach of Victor E. Frankl, psychodynamic principles of comprehension, empathy principles of Rogers, integrated achievements of other psychotherapeutic approaches.

Psychotherapy method-specific training program:

Basic level: Relaxation (Autogenic Training) basis: 30 lessons of self-experience (self-practice), 30 lessons of theory (seminar), 40 lessons of supervised practice.

Advanced level: Symboltherapy (Meditative-imaginative Psychotherapy): 150 lessons of self- experience in group, 70 lessons of individual self-practice, 70 lessons of theory, 70 lessons of supervised practice, Prerequisite: accomplished 100 lessons of Relaxation (Autogenic Training) basis.

Additional specialisations:

- Relaxation for Expecting mothers and for Adolescents and Children: 45 lessons, Prerequisite: complete 100 lessons of Relaxation (Autogenic Training) basis
- EEG Biofeedback: 45 lessons, Prerequisite: Relaxation (Autogenic Training) Self-experience phase
- Student Relaxation: 30 lessons, Prerequisite: Relaxation (Autogenic Training) Self-experience phase

Accredited training programs for pedagogists:

Autogenic training: 30 lessons of self-experience
Case discussion: 30 lessons
Supervision: 30 lessons

Further training programs:

Autogenic training („therapeutic”) for self-practice
Prolific Meditation Workshop for unfolding specific areas of life
Summer university programs on relaxation and symboltherapy (self-experience)