Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

We regret to inform you that after thoughtful consideration, we decided to postpone our 7th international congress. We took into account the spread of the COVID-19 virus and the safety instructions given by the national authorities. We keep on monitoring the epidemic situation and will keep you informed.

Warm regards,
Éva Szombathelyi
President of MRSzE

The 7th International Congress of the Hungarian Association of Relaxation and Symboltherapy

"In search of time lost and regained*
- the matter of time in relaxation and symboltherapies –"




Villányi úti Konferenciaközpont
Address: 1114 Budapest, Villányi út 11-13.


The 7th International Congress of the Hungarian Association of Relaxation and Symboltherapy (MRSzE) examines the psychological aspects of time in the course and efficiency of the therapeutic process. Time is reality and also subjectivity of the psyche. Being in time not only means a way of existence, but it is also an individual and collective necessity.

Recommended topics:

  • THE CONCEPT OF TIME, its archetype, sybolism
  • THE EXPERIENCE OF TIME, conscientious presence, altered states of consciousness
  • INDIVIDUAL AND COSMIC PERSPECTIVE, historical periods, transgenerational inheritance, symptoms and pathologies of our times
  • MOMENTOUS STAGES OF LIFE, age, timeliness, pastime
  • RYTHM IN TIME, internal and external rythm, everything has its time. The importance of the timeframe in therapy
  • THE MEASURE OF TREASURED TIME, valued and wasted times
  • PERIODS OF TRANSITION, like waiting, birth, change, ending

The real treasure hunt is to find the best time.
How do we spend our time, what do we spend it on, how do we sacrifice it and how would we spare it.
How do we search, find, and waste times of the lifespan we have on our hands?
We would have endless opportunities to manage time and yet  one of our basic defense is to complain about the lack of time.
How does time become a tool and a framework for psychological work?

Call for abstracts and Registration

Information for the 2021 June Congress will be posted here.

Applications received so far are accepted. If you would like to withdraw your application or ask for a refund of your congress fee, please contact Éva Szombathelyi in e-mail:

At our 7th international congress we would like to take the time to foster professional and personal relationships, to encourage a deep involvement in our method, and to help making a conncetion among different professional fields. We welcome all interested.

Best regards, on behalf of the organizers:
Éva Szombathelyi - President of the Hungarian Association of Relaxation and Symboltherapy